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Voluptuous Super SUV

The Super SUV segment is inevitably coming. The Tesla X is nudging the well-established carmakers; Jaguar, Maserati, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce are also in the game of high-bodied super cars. And before anyone can call the BMW X6 M а useless car that is neither good for the road nor off-road, please take a look at their sales numbers. Compact SUVs, sport tourers, crossovers all in the game also… The big question, however, is which type of SUV is going to win the title ‘Super SUV’?

This post presents Carbon Motors vision on what the Super SUV should look like. All aforementioned carmaker really have in mind utility in their models, as the U in the SUV… But we don’t! Carbon Motors Super SUV is much less utilitarian and less passenger oriented. It is a true drivers’ car lifted higher for convenience of entry and different drive feel. There is no more luggage space than in a Lamborghini Aventador; there is no more seats than in a Ferrari 458… or headspace. There is no place for your Chihuahua, sorry…

Ease of driver’s entry into the car is a hugely overlooked topic in supercar territory. We believe that the Super SUV needs to address this aspect. The weight is concentrated as low as possible by decreasing the height of the vehicle (yet keeping SUV clearance) and by using lightweight materials on the ceiling structure. The driver’s position will inevitably be leaned back, which is also going to provide the different driving experience…

The name for our Super SUV is Voluptuous. It will be a no mug-plugger, no doubts about that. Cars win the hearts of people with their beauty, as well as with their ease of use. And Utility, as the U in the SUV should work of the driver foremost!