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About Us

Carbon Motors is atelier for personalization of automobiles, carbon fiber parts and collector car restorations. My Other Me stands for our attitude towards cars: behind each car there is a personality that reflects the character of the car’s owner! And cars should be treated with care, as humans with personalities! Carbon Motors is specialized in three main activities, outlined below:

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We can upgrade the interior of your car and convert it to a reflection of your own “Me”. We know what you think: ‘My car is my other Me’. In your car you are at ease with the world and want others to get to know you!

Carbon Motors brings unique design and finesse in every car. We can prepare an individual concept design for your projects. The upgrade of personalized cars is performed by our own in-house team. We put only high quality materials, lots of emotion, care to detail and sense of fashion. Below is the list of the main upgrades that we can do in your car:
- Custom car upholstery (leather and suede)
- Hi-fi audio systems
- Carbon fiber and exotic trim coatings
The list of upgrade goes on and on…
Click here to view our Gallery with Projects
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Our approach to Collector cars is quite the opposite to custom projects. We always study the history of our restoration projects and aim nothing but original factory-specification condition. We offer to our clients investor advice and automotive investment management (purchase, restoration, storage or sale of collector cars). Below is a list of restoration works that we can do for your classic car:
- Metal work and rust removal
- Paintwork
- Cabin upholstery
- Wood trim restoration
See here our Restoration Passports.
See our Restoration Projects Gallery
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Composites are our third passion. Carbon Motors has a dedicated team and equipment to design and produce carbon fiber or kevlar car parts. Our portfolio of composites extends to carbon fiber bonnets, spoilers, diffusers and many other composite parts. We also offer tailor-made solutions for lightweight parts for racing cars and aircraft.
- Carbon fiber and kevlar body elements
- Custom diffusers and spoilers
See Our Carbon Parts Store
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