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Restored 1969 Jaguar 420 Looks Like It Just Rolled Out Of The Factory

This 1969 Jaguar 420 has received a complete overhaul inside and out, courtesy of car personalization atelier Carbon Motors, which specializes in everything from custom upholstery, hi-fi audio systems, exotic trim coatings as well as doing full restorations, which sometimes include metal work and rust removal.

Now, if you like classic Jaguars, you might find the 420 to be quite interesting. The car initially came out in 1963 and was styled after the S-Type, however it did gain a more linear front end in order to match the rest of the body.

Inside, it was more luxurious than the S-Type, although that’s not something that’s immediately obvious when you first see an example that’s in dire need of repair – like this one was initially.

Thanks to Carbon Motors making both before and after pics available, we can see just how different the car looks now compared to the state it was in before the restoration. The interior has been completely re-worked, from the dashboard to the door panels, the center console and the roof. Even the wood trim received an upgrade, looking brand spanking new squeezed between its black leather surrounds.

As for the exterior, since we didn’t get any “before” pics, all we can say is that it looks extremely clean, featuring a dual tone design with a stripe running alongside the car’s shoulder line.