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PT Cruiser Widebody

Chrysler announced the retro-styled compact PT Cruiser in the distant 2001. A client of Carbon Motors decided to make it less retro and more compact. This gave birth to the PT Cruiser Widebody. The body was halved to only two seats and the rear section was converted in a pick-up styled trunk. The width of the car was enlarged to 2 meters.

Carbon Motors interference with this exciting project is not surprisingly in the cabin. The interior was designed to match the new appearance of the vehicle. All interior details were significantly upgraded. All plastic elements were covered in leather. That included not just the seats, but a full new leather trim for the dashboard, full trim for the door trims. A new central console was produced and styled in the vehicles bespoke design features. Pillars were also upholstered in leather.

Now this widebody pick-up truck is hardly an undercover vehicle!