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Porsche 911 Modern Classics

With this post we present to you the unique Porsche 911 from Modern Classics. The car is developed by eng. Hristo Batchvarov and his team and Carbon Motors was responsible for the interior. Here we are sharing why this electrified classic is a breakthrough. Based on 1980s Porsche 911, Modern Classics performed a frame-off meticulous restoration whereby they changed the internal combustion engine (ICE) for a electric motor and battery. Each and every step in the process is audited and approved by the German TÜV, thus the car has all modern security systems: ABS, traction control, brake and hill assist, etc. Below are the brief car specifications:
• Rear-mounted Electromotor 135 kW/184 hp
• Battery 42 kWh
• Range 250+ km
• Maximal speed limited to 160 km/h
• AC charging 11 kW
• DC charging 50 kW
• 0-100 km/h – 6.8 sec
• Active sound generator in 6 modes

Last week the car was presented at the Auto Show in Essen, Germany and raised significant interest. Some would say that swapping the ICE engine with an electric motor in a 911 is a “blasphemy” against the genes and cultural heritage of 911. But we can assure you that this car was built by Modern Classics with full respect and understanding of 911 role. The general vision is based on retaining the features of the original car. It is no coincidence that the car was the fans ’favorite in Essen and the project was invited to attend the Stuttgart Auto show later in April.

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