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Mercedes 500 SEC

Gary G. writing from Boston, USA on Carbon Motors Mercedes 500 SEC:

Any time a group of men starts to talk about cars, inevitably at least one of them will get all “misty-eyed” and say something like “they don’t make cars nowadays like they used to”. And you want to punch them in nose…
Its true — they don’t! We can all agree! Most cars nowadays are smaller, more economical, and more efficient. They don’t last as long, nor do they have plush interiors that have cost many a cow their hide…
So what do you do when you really want to feel king of the world? Buy a new s-class? That’s for corporate execs… Bentley…? Footballer. Jag? Could be, but you still end up looking like a successful lawyer — not somebody people speak of in hushed tones.
No. What you really need…. Is one of these.
The 500 SEC has long been one of the most highly regarded classics from the 80s and early 90s. If you really want to feel like the son of a dictator or the owner of several film studios — sit in one of these!
Today, you and I have it even better off! This is a classic, fully restored 500 SEC with a specially made Carbon Motors interior. Harvey Weinstein, you can call us anytime 
You might be asking yourself: Aren’t we taking a risk doing something so radical with the interior of such an iconic car? It’s a bit like “do you want to see a Silvio Berlusconi’s selfie in his bathroom mirror”.
Out of curiosity — yeah sure…. But do you really? Mmm – No!
The 500 SEC really is the epitome of Mercedes’ slogan “The best or nothing”. And that comes from the time when marketing slogans really meant something. So the work that the team from CM have done really comes as a pleasant surprise: Incredibly soft, supple leather all over the interior. The combination of black and cognac brown makes this feel arrogantly luxurious, yet soothingly cozy.
The original interior employed too much rubber — say — around the center console, the door panels, handles et cetera. Now, as much as we all like the feel of rubber on our skin… I think leather goes much, much better on this car.