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This is the story of a retailer of high-end audio systems upping their game and showing a new meaning of client approach. This is the story of walking… well in this instance … driving the extra mile to the client.

Back to the story: BOSE Center Sofia commissioned to Carbon Motors the customization of a car for their special client deliveries. It’s a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Carbon Motors restyled its interior and installed a BOSE hi-fi HOME audio system… Yes, a home system. And why home system? Well, one: it’s easy to bolt-on a car system and two: the BOSE home system ultimately performs extremely well in smaller compartments with irregular shape, as well.
All seats, door panels, dashboard was stylishly upholstered and embroidered with BOSE logo; carbon fiber coating was richly placed on panels. More importantly, the trunk is now a BOSE showroom: a large LED-lit BOSE logo in carbon fiber panel with subwoofer in the back. The project was executed after a design sketch approved by the client.