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BMW E28 535

Codenamed ‘The Breeding Ram’ this beautiful BMW E28 M 535 is the essence of masculinity. This is a hardcore car for old-school maniacs. No he or she-pedicure in it. Period! Just engine grunt and wheel spin. Carbon Motors re-styled its interior totally and put small accents on the outlooks.

All leather seats and door covers are integrated with red stitching in hexagon patterns. Hexagon are the chemical formulae for Benzene. Carbon fiber panels are integrated in the doors, dashboard and yes the roof. BMW’s M-power colors are visible on – of course the steering wheel but also on the door cover and the roof.

You’d be surprised how much this interior is different, both unobtrusive and energizing. The rims are BBS RS Special Silver. Spoiler and the c-columns have carbon fiber panels with the hexagon pattern to suggest Benzene mood.