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A well-done job: Carbon Motor refreshes the interior of Mercedes C-Class

As you might remember, when Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204 was first revealed it quickly gained popularity as “The small S-Class”. What impressed buyers and Mercedes enthusiasts back in 2007 were the numerous premium components: sweet finish for the buttons in the cabin, ceramic details, fresh infotainment system and hard disc drive. And of course, this well-known Mercedes-Benz quality and feel.

And now the team at Carbon Motors decided to refresh the vehicle after 9 years of well-done service. The Bulgaria-based tuning studio wrapped the seats in black and grey leather, bond them together with red contrast stitching and eye-catching red stripes. Definitely a bold decision that brings feeling of luxury and sportiness. The rest of the cabin is dominated by grey Alcantara, aided by black stitching and additional red accents.

What is surprising though, is that there is complete absence of carbon-fiber elements: this is something unusual for our friends from Carbon Motors. However, we see a beautiful Mercedes vehicle with incredible interior design: everything looks tight, clean and sexy. In fact, what makes this redesign project so successful, is that the tuner kept it simple and close to the original design and appearance: all the changes just fit the styling concept of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle and brings joy to our eyes.

So, do you like it? We most certainly do.

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